Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome Fall!

Front Doors

Well, I have been inspired by my friend Lauren to get my fall things out and get ready for this fabulous season! (might I add Lauren is a fab. decorator, I would seek her advice on any decorating question I might have!...she needs a blog for just that!!)

Fall is my favorite second to spring. I guess because the weather is nice, the smells are lovely, and the food is fabulous!! Here are some other places to get inspired!

Nesting Place

Inspired Room

** and many more links on their sites to waste some of your time!!**
Mantel: needs a little work. Maybe this? And some real pumpkins!

Sconces in Breakfast Room

Candle topiary thing on counter.

Sink area in kitchenTable Decorations

Smell good, since I have not done ANY fall baking!


  1. Ashley, I love it! Your mantel looks great and the harvest swag would be too cute (I bet as creative as you are you could make one of those!). And I love the breakfast room sconces. They looked so cute the last time I was at your house, but I have to say I am partial to all of the pumpkins and gourds decorating them now:) And please tell me where you bought the pumpkin bread spray!!!

  2. Well thanks Ashley! I was feeling so good about getting a scarecrow (o.k. well to be honest make that- wrote scarecrow down on a list of things to get over the weekend) for the yard and now I see this. I am officially deflated. HA! HA! Everything looks great. Hey! I am doing some baking and you have done the decorating so maybe we could just trade off. :-)

  3. You're right. It's time to hit the attic. Where's Len?

    You're fall decor is beautiful.


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