Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Heart Molly Cate and Caroline!

I just love this picture of my girls! Molly Cate is really a great big sister. She loves kissing on Caroline hugging her and swinging her in the swing. We do have to remind her of what gentle means. I think Molly Cate just can't help herself because Caroline is just too cute.....that's what we think too!!

We are enjoying watching our girls being sisters! Caroline already looks up to Molly Cate always watching her every move.
I am also very proud of the little shirts they have on. I hand stitched them before Caroline was born. Molly Cate's says "I heart Caroline" and Caroline's says "I heart Molly Cate". This might be the next item up for grabs at Me Oh My Paper Boutique!


  1. I loooooove those onesies.

    We missed you at church today. Was Caroline being mean to you last night?

  2. Love it all - the girls, their shirts, the new template - everything!

  3. I want one or more!! The shirts are adorable! What fun to have such a talented friend with such adorable little girls! Love the new website design!!

  4. i love the shirts --- and i love this Blog thing--- we can all stay in touch ! this is great- the girls are precious Ashley!

  5. I had no idea you hand stitched those little shirts. They're so cute, way to go!! Sorry about today, we'll definitely have to reschedule. Have fun at the beach!!

  6. I 'heart' Ashley's creativity!!!!


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