Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beach Vacation 2008!

This year we took our annual trip to Destin with BoomPa, Gran, Jill and Trey! We had a wonderful time and made lots 'o memories! It was so nice to finally step foot on the beach (although Molly Cate didn't quite like it)! She enjoyed going to the pool better. Caroline pretty much stayed dry this year! Her days consisted of being lazy in the condo.

It was a nice break away from home and the everyday norm, but taking a toddler and a newborn somewhere is still a lot of work. Thank you so much to our extra 8 hands we had helping us! It made things much easier. Hope we didn't scare the Lamars too much with our craziness!

A few things from this trip to remember:
1. The Jellyfish were horrible!
2. Molly Cate REALLY doesn't like fireworks (even if she says she does, and how pretty they are)
3. Caroline is pretty mild mannered unless she is hungry or tired, then as everyone witnessed she WILL let you know!
4. We need a small UHaul next year to take all of our stuff!
5. My father-in-law really does sing like Elvis!
6. You MUST claim your space on the beach! (who would of thunk it???)
7. Don't ride the bus at Baytowne!
8. Don't over stuff your stroller and overspend at the outlet malls!
9. Seeing friends at the beach is a lot fun! (good seeing you Williams family!)
10. Molly Cate and Trey had bonding moments.
11. All Jellyfish beware of Jill!
12. Bluebell and Beach dip is all we need to eat to survive. (and maybe some seafood)
13. Trey can pull off wearing a 2 piece!
14. What key??? Who needs a key? Where are the keys?? We started with 6?
15. We are thankful for and love our family!


On our way there and on the way back we were also able to hang out with my fam in Hattiesburg. On the first stop we celebrated Pop's birthday and on the second stop our anniversary! It was great to see Mimi and Pop as well! Thanks for the pit stops even though they were short, but very sweet!


  1. Ash, cute pictures..I know that you had a great time..it was so good to see you Sunday...I found a precious website that sells childrens clothes...check it out...www.blessednames.com...give the girl a kiss for me..love you,aimee

  2. Ash, They look adorable!!! They do fit perfectly!! And your beach pics--so darling!! I know you had a great time!!
    So good to talk to you today..I'll try to work on that "blog" when I get caught up; Loved your new "footprints"!!!Give the girls some "Caki love!" Love you, Aunt Cathye


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