Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Spray Ball

Molly Cate (Sugar and Spice eldest daughter) and I (Sugar and Spice Daddy) officially welcomed summer at our house Monday afternoon. We chose not to keep summer boxed until late June. Sugar and Spice Mommy had purchased a large beach ball earlier in the day which, with the assistance of a water hose, sprays water. Who could leave such an amazing contraption boxed? Not this guy or his sidekick daughter!

With the bright-shining sun anxiously anticipating our arrival into our backyard, S&S Mommy dressed Molly Cate in her colorful, one-piece swim suit. I added the shoes to her already-near-perfect wardrobe. After a stop at the gas station to air up the ball, we were off to the back yard to see what this device was all about. MC immediately embraced the ball, and the squealing began. Water was spraying out in all directions. Those were the sweetest squeals I have ever heard. After 15-20 minutes and my realization that it might not be quite warm enough for such shenanigans, we retired to the house.

I expect this to become part of our regular daddy-daughter routine. We may even purchase another one to create our own little spray park. Stay tuned.

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