Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Phantom Turtle...



Yesterday as Spice and I were going out to the driveway to ride her "4-wheeler" we found a TURTLE!! He was so cute just sitting there in the driveway. After poking him around a bit he seemed harmless, but I did not have anything large enough to put him in to show Mr. Nice when he returned home. I know that everyone has heard that turtles move VERY SLOWLY, so I just figured he would be somewhere around later in the afternoon. At nap time the turtle was still mulling around the drive near the fence, for sure he would be there in a few hours. Well, when Mr. Nice got home there was NO turtle in sight!! Nowhere!!! Well, this morning Spice and I trekked back out to the driveway to find him, and there he was all snuggled up to the neighbor's fence. I could not believe that we had found him, I was just giving in to her 2 year old curiosity by "looking" for him with her! Hopefully he will be somewhere in an hour so that Mr. Nice can actually see this turtle. If not here is the proof. One picture from yesterday and one from today!!! Now I guess we need to name this little fella!

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