Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Unfinished Project and Jesus Loves Me!

Hello all!
Well, tonight is the "BIG" night!! We have been putting this off for a few weeks now, but have finally done it. Spice is ASLEEP in her "Big Girl Room"!!! As I continue to nest, I think everything must be perfect. Well, I had to cave....the room is not perfect yet, but we had to get Spice in her room before Sugar arrives. As you can see by the pics, the room is not quite complete. Half of the work I must finish, the other half is being done by others. I took on the task of making my own bed skirts and window treatments for her room. (whew, now I know why they charge so much!) I wanted the "custom look", but did not have the "custom budget". So far we have one window panel out of four completed and one out of two bed skirts completed. The rest will be finished this week, as long as nap goes well. Her headboards are in the process of being made now, and will not arrive for another 4 weeks. I guess I can not hold my breath that they will be here before the baby. No big deal....I guess. HA! Anyway, much thanks need to go to my husband for putting up with my pregnant ways, and an apology for my unwillingness to accept the fact that he does not like handy work. He has done a great job at putting up curtain rods, painting walls AND trim, hauling mattresses and box springs up the stairs, and putting together bed frames and safety rails. Dad, you get a BIG thanks too for helping out and hanging ANOTHER light fixture. Mr. Joe, I haven't forgotten you either, Thanks for helping Mr. Nice move the armoire upstairs. Tonight as we took pictures and video taped our big girl in her big girl room, it did make us a little sad to close the door to the nursery and realize Spice is now not so much a "baby" anymore. We will soon have another to fill that role. When we put her to bed tonight, read our Bible story and said our prayers, for the first time she started singing "Jesus Loves Me" with us. It was the most precious thing! One of those moments I will never forget! Well, goodnight, hope we all sleep tight!

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  1. That was a long post. The suspense was KILLING me! It looks so cute. Be sure to post more pics when you get the headboards up.


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