Thursday, March 20, 2008


**Updated 1/09
Well, after much discussion and analyzing we have FINALLY decided on a name! I do have to say this has been Mr.s Nice's name for our child from the beginning. I am totally in love with the name, but after a freind and family member decided to use the name we thought it was totally out! When we saw the 4-D last week, that was it, Mr. Nice finally convinced me of her name. Therefore I got the blessing of Laura and Nichole, thanks gals...ha ha!! Anyway, our 2nd daughter will be named.... Sugar!!! We are so Thrilled to have a name....At Last. I guess this has been so hard becuase we do not know her yet, so how can you name someone you do not know?? Fire up the embrodiery machines, it's time to start monogramming!!


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  1. We can't wait to meet Caroline. We already love her name!
    Barb and Lily Grace


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