Monday, January 28, 2008

"Super Daddy"!!...CAUTION...Graphic nature!

Well, last night was very eventful, after we had just told Jon Sullivan we were enjoying a quite afternoon! Molly Cate had taken a late nap and enjoyed playing with Gran and Boompa. After they left we were settling down for our nighttime routine, when.......this happened!!!I've got to say, I have the
best husband in the world, he has taken great care of Molly Cate and even slept with her, just so I would not get sick!!!! I have already had the stomach virus one time during this pregnancy, and DO NOT want it again! Sorry for the graphic pictures, but this had to be documented, since you will NEVER see Ken wearing anyone's vomit, except Molly Cate's.....Ha...(At least he is smiling, she is too!!!)

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