Thursday, November 8, 2007

Race for the Cure, Pumpkins, Halloween, and Haircut!!

Well, it is time again for an update. We have been busy again, as usual, so this post comes a little late. First we will start with "Race for the Cure". We were part of a team that supported one of Ken's coworkers who is currently fighting breast cancer, although we were supporting her, we also were walking in celebration of "Mimi"!! (see pictures) That same afternoon we headed to Hernando , MS to Cedar Hills Farm to check out their pumpkin patch! Jill and Trey joined us! They had lots of things to animals, a playground, a corn maze, the pumpkin patch, and a hayride....oh yeah "farm tators" that I loved too!! We had a great time, and when we left Molly Cate was worn out! She did a great job picking out two pumpkins, one for her and one for baby. Ken picked out one for me and one for him.
On Halloween we headed East, that is to Collierville, to The Sullivans. Molly Cate went trick-or-treating at her first house. It was quite funny because all of the scary decorations, needless to say Molly Cate was not a fan of the decorations. Afterwards we enjoyed Chili and passing out candy at the Sullivan's house. Boompa, Gran, and Aunt Jill also stopped by for a sneak peek of the little trick-or-treater!
OK, last major event.....then I promise I will do better at blogging so I won't have to cram so much on one entry! "THE HAIRCUT"!!!! It was so great, Molly Cate did a super job sitting up on the booster seat. She wore a big girl cape and everything. Her haircut was at Capelli, done by Farrah, our friend Frankie's sister. She so enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror, giving herself the "big eyes"! We did not cut much (don't worry Boompa.....I could tell from your call you were not a fan of her getting her haircut), so you really can't tell. She just doesn't have that baby mullet anymore!!
OK, well, got to run and meet some girls for dinner! Everyone have a great week!
The Anthonys

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  1. This is gonna sound so weird, but I think I went to high school with Frankie and Farrah...I'll have to email you and ask you their last name. But it can't be any other Frankie and Farrah!


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