Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Where Oh Where Has the A Family Been???

Hi There!
Well, sorry that there has not been a post in a while. Let me let you know what has been going on.....

The last week of August Spice and I went to Hattiesburg to visit Mom and Dad. While we were there "Nana", my Mom's Mother was there. This was the first time she got to meet Spice! They were both very excited. Aunt Laura and her girls; their babies too, came to visit on that Saturday. We ended up having a huge spend the night party because their car broke down before getting out of town!! That was OK, more fun time together!! We also go to see Mamaw and Papaw while we were there. Mom even babysat one night (what a chore!!) so that I could go eat dinner with some girls from home (Malisha, Kathryn, Alicia, and Andrea...Candace was sick!!)! It was so great seeing them all. Last week we spent most of the time getting things back together and washing clothes! We have had 3 people look at the house since last week, and one serious looker!! Yeah! Hopefully before long we will be moving although we have no clue where we will move. It looks like most votes went to Collierville, although I think you all know that is not that likely. Unless one of those really cute older homes close to the square go up for sale!!:)

This past weekend was fun. Ole Miss beat Memphis by the skin of their teeth. Mr. Nice did not go to the game (WOW) he watched at his parents in Olive Branch along with Spice. I got to enjoy some "Suzanne" time! On Sunday we went to church, by the way Spice now highly dislikes the nursery, I hope this is a phase! We also got to hang out with the Shores Family. Their little girl Annie is the same age as Spice. It is always fun meeting a new couple and getting to hang out. Monday Ken was off, we took Spice to the spray park and then spent the rest of the day being lazy around the house. This has been another week of catch up as we were thrown off by having Mr. Nice home on Monday, which I will not complain about!! Sunday we are off to Gatlinburg, which should be lots of fun!!! Enjoy the pics!

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