Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our New Blog!

Hello There! Well, I took Aimee's advice and made a family blog! I do have one for the business http://www.meohmypaperboutique.com/hmypaperboutique.com/ , but I had not yet taken the time to make one for our family. This will be our first official post so I will include a family picture. We have been super busy this summer with vacation and trying to sell our house! Please pray that we will sell it soon, although we have no idea where we will move. We are still looking for just the perfect house. Miss Spice is snoozing right now and I really should be finishing some laundry, so let me run! Have a wonderful day!


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  1. I voted for G'town, Ashley! But I'm biased, as I grew up at Germantown Baptist Church. But seriously, all of you guys moving out from Midtown has me perplexed. I guess the suburbs all make their calling eventually, huh? Cute family pic!


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