Thursday, August 9, 2007

How to Beat the Dog Days of Summer...Spice Style

1. Stay cool inside with a snack!
2. Wear your shades!
3. Cool off at the spray park!
4. Run around the backyard Naked! (well almost)
5. Pitch a fit about the heat!
6. Try to turn the sprinkler on.
7. Hang out with friends.
8. Dress up and play with toys!
9. Read a good book.
10. Celebrate Uncle Trey's Birthday!

Hey Everyone! Thought these were some cute pics from the past couple of days. Is it HOT there? Well, it is here. OVER 100 degrees!! We are just staying cool inside this weekend. Spice is snoozing (thank goodness) we have gone a few days without ANY naps. If you have kids you know how glorious naps are!! Thanks to Boompa and Gran today for playing with Spice while I cleaned house and Ken went to a meeting. I guess we should have an Open House tomorrow even though this housing market isn't that great!! Keep praying we will sell soon, and find the perfect house for us. This is starting to wear us out.....I think it has already worn Mr. Nice out. It is fun looking though! Everyone have a great weekend...and STAY COOL!!
Love to all!

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